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Tale of a Trail

The Jeep driver stopped and popped his head out of the window and asked us ‘you guys reached only here’? We remained silent albeit with a smile. The person on the passenger seat leaned in and said ...

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Manu Balasree August 10, 2014 2 tags (show) 3 comments

The Enchanting Backwaters – A ‘Crank Cycling Joint’ Tour.

It was a sound of blast from the next room. I checked the room carefully to see what the noise was. There was nothing broken and things seemed to be fine till I saw my Fuji Tourer. It was fully l...

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Manu Balasree July 10, 2014 2 tags (show) 4 comments

Travancore Unseen - A 'Crank Cycling Joint' Tour

“Don't be a retrograde like a usual Mallu. The charcoal will light up, please be patient”. Manu muttered while unleashing a tornado at the barbeque grill. I did not share that optimism even after...

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Manu Balasree July 08, 2014 2 tags (show) 1 comment